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EcoThermo is the most innovative, most accurate and most performant energy saving Internet of Things system aimed at converting old centralized heating plants (vertical and horizontal) as mandatory requested by the European Union with a potential market of 350 million radiators to be converted, 450 million of wireless devices to be installed and an equivalent potential turnover of 60 billion euro for the systems selling and 2 billion euros/year for the linked services.

EcoThermo is the only existing system the innovative metrological procedure of which is protected by an international patent, validated in real working conditions, not in ideal ones, by research and metrological institutes and universities and that allocates the consumptions directly in thermal energy [kWh] for each radiator avoiding any misleading, fancy and dimensionsless unit of measure. The ambition of EcoThermo is to replace the old technology based on heating cost allocators and thermostatic valves, increasing the allocation accuracy from 2.5 to 8 times and the savings from 2 to 5 times.

EcoThermo is based on an innovative wireless IoT infrastructure named wiNET and working on SRD bands with extraordinary performances with respect the existing standards and open to other applications such as power sockets monitoring and controls, home smart grids creation, building automation, environamental control, portable custom biometric devices, dynamic public lighting.


Replace the existing conversion technology for old centralized heating plants conversion based on heating cost allocators and tehrmostatic valves; offer investors and industry sector a mean to massivly enter to the people houses with a versatile and innovative Internet of Thins infrastructure to be used for third party applications.

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